3 Must Have For Kid’s With Curly Hair

My soon to be four-year-old boy has the most beautiful long hair. Yup! He has long hair, and he loves it, when I tell him I am going to cut it he exclaims “not my beautiful hair.”

But that beautiful brown curly, extra fine hair can get the worst knots. Making brushing his hair a nightmare and a tear fest. When he sees the brush, he starts running for the hills and crying.

Till I found three perfect items, that have turned brushing his hair into a dream!

No More Knots, No More Tears 

How many of you mommas brush their child’s hair in the bath/shower? ME, I do! I started to do that in hopes that it would be the least stressful way, on both him and me, to get those knots out. But I was using all the wrong stuff. So here is my list of the three must have to get a No Knot, No Cry, Curly Hair Brushing Experience.

Wet Brush Pro Detangle :

I first stumbled upon this little nugget when I was visiting my sister’s house and realized I did not bring my son’s hairbrush. He was in the shower head full of conditioner, and I had no brush. So I did what any person would do, I snooped through my sister’s bathroom cabinets looking for a brush.

The minute I used it I knew it was a game changer, my son did not have a meltdown. I was sold, I asked my sister where she bought it, and to my surprise, she had an extra one, and she gave it to me.

Unfortunately, it was not enough, when his hair was dry, it still was difficult to brush, and he still cried.

Soon after my Wet Brush find,  I found out about Beautycounter and their safer personal care products. The first thing I purchased was their kid’s collection. (Disclaimer I am now an independent consultant for Beautycounter.) The collection comes with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, in individual bottles not an all-in-one deal. Those do not work well on long fine curly hair, because of the need for extra conditioning.

Nice Do Kids Shampoo

What I love about this shampoo is how little you need to make a gentle soapy wash. It is an excellent scented and gentle but very effective. The product is a gluten-free and nut-free cleansing formula that leaves my babies hair soft and manageable. It also does not irritate the eye or skin, which are so very important, especially because my son has very sensitive skin.

But what was a real game changer and sold me on the collection is…


Beautycounter Kid's Collection

Not A Knot Conditioner:

Hello! it is in the name, Not A Knot! In combination with the Wet Brush, I put this on my son’s hair in the shower and brush the Knot right out. I hear no crying, no screaming, and he tells me “time to brush my hair.” Yes, it was a victory!

The conditioner is so soft and silky, and it is also a gluten-free and nut-free formula, that is just plain and just effective.

That’s not all, once the hair is dry and he wakes up the next day, there is no crazy bird nest in it. Brushing it out is just as simple, and without crying! Say What? Yes, When it is dry it does not get as knotted and the brush goes right through it without a snag, causing no reason for tears.

Hallelujah, Hallelujah…!

Listen I know I am affiliated with Beautycounter, but let me tell you something I do not promote something I do not believe in, period.

My son loves  these products, when bath time comes he ask for them himself. Which makes it clear to me that I made the right choice in my purchase.

Beautycounter has a very strict testing policy and does not ever compromise health over product. That is something this momma can stand behind, and share with the world. Because in the end we don’t just want to stop the tears we want to keep them safe.

Become an Advocate For Safer PersonalCare Products, Join Me  on our Mission to get safer products in the hands of every one.

Committed Beauty For Beautycounter Needs You! Click Here for more information.3 Must Have For Kid's With Curly Hair

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