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When I was a little girl, I really struggled with the English language. I had come from Puerto Rico when I was 6, and English was my second language. At the time, I also did not know I was Neurodiverse, so when I would be in school, and it was time to learn grammar, I could never understand why I just did not get it.

One of my most significant issues then and still to this day is Spelling! Ask my husband, if my life depended on Spelling, I would die. But my biggest problem when I was young was when I would ask an adult how to spell a word. Their response never made sense to me the conversation would go something like this;

Me: "Excuses me, How do you spell trouble?"

Teacher: "You have a dictionary in your desk, go look it up."

Me: "But, How do you spell it?"

Teacher: "Go to your desk, pull out the dictionary, and go to the Ts and look it up."

Me: Walk away feeling confused, thinking, "How do I look up a word I don't even know how to spell, what comes after "T." I would open the dictionary go to the Ts see a bunch of writing, become frustrated, and quickly close it, and shove it back in my desk.

It would make so mad, so I hated Dictionaries for the longest time, and I would define words based on the text and context they were used in. Till I was an adult, and I started college, I had to look up a word I thought I already knew!

Boy was I wrong, it was not what I thought it meant, then I Started looking up other words and was shocked. That's when I realize that most people do not actually use the literal meaning of the words they use every day.

Now I am obsessed with reading definitions, and origins. Additionally, since my mind is very literal, it drives me crazy when others misuse words or try to use them as tools to hurt others.

From that frustration is how #DictionaryFriday was born. Disclaimer, I still suck at spelling and if was not for Grammarly, this post would be a #hotmess! So if you are looking for perfection, I am not the blogger for you!

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