Dear The Doctors: “Period Rage” Has A Name & A Face

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Dear Nita Landry M.D, Travis Stork M.D. & Andrew Ordon M.D., The Doctors

You don’t know me and from your episode, Do you suffer from ‘Period Rage’? you clearly don’t know anything about PMDD.  Frankly, it was shameful and I would have never thought that I would need to explain ‘Period Rage’ to Medical Professionals that have a Nationally Televised Television Show, Particularly one called  “The Doctors”.

I mean I have explained it every day to other women and so-called ‘expert’, that I meet.  But never to “The Doctors” responsible for presenting on the information to millions of viewers.  It is especially disturbing because some of those viewers may possibly be ‘Period Rage’ suffers. Here is the thing, I first heard about this particular episode from the women from my support group. You know the ones with ‘Period Rage’!

When I saw the clip, I was so embarrassed, not for me by the way, but for all of you, the behavior of two male medical professionals joking about a women’s disorder was completely inappropriate. I was hurt, offended, and outraged by the lack of a real conversation on a life-altering and possibly deadly illness. To top it off when Dr. Landry, attempted to speak and get the conversation started she was completely derailed by sexes offensive jokes.

It’s No Joke

I decided to tweet my response to The Doctors, on the segment to express my disappointment. Additionally, when one of my fellow ‘Period Rage‘ Sisters, made a petition I signed it hoping that it will bring more awareness to what you call ‘Period Rage.’ After that, I had no intention of addressing it on my blog; I was going to let go and Let God!

Till today, when on one of my ‘Period Rage’ support groups, a fellow, ‘Period Rage’ sister bravely posted her email to “The Doctors.”  What struck me about her email was when she mentioned that one of the moderators from our support group had lost her fight with what you so jokingly called ‘Period Rage.’

A life! A human being! Was lost to what  The Doctors, so-called professionals have chosen to name ‘Period Rage’!

The Cost

She was not just a woman, she was a beautiful, intelligent, kind, loving, young woman that had her whole life ahead of her. A woman that deserved to be loved and cherished every day of her life even on her ‘Period Rage.’ A woman that wanted nothing more than to fight for other women that suffer in silence because of their ‘Period Rage.’ In her own words, she wrote

” I want to inspire people. I want someone to say, “because of you, I refused to quit!”

Quit what you ask? Life… to quit on LIFE! Her ‘Period Rage’ ended but so did her life.

After that email, The Doctors segment became more than just another set of doctors that have no real life understanding of ‘Period Rage.’ It had become very personal to both me and the thousands of women worldwide who struggle with PMDD. Most importantly your opinions disvalued the lives of the women we have lost to ‘Period Rage.’

Especially the lives of those that have fought so hard to bring awareness and lost.

Educating a Professional

Now the truth, the medical term for ‘Period Rage’ is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder(PMDD). Most importantly here is the real name of ‘Period Rage,’ Woman, Daughter, Mother, Sister, Wife, Aunt, Grandmother, and Human.

More specifically, I am ‘Period Rage’ my Name is Wilmari Eckerson, I am a daughter, sister, mother, wife and I am PMDD! If that is not clear enough for you what ‘Period Rage’ really is let me show you the Face of ‘Period Rage.’

I am ‘Period Rage’ my Name is Wilmari Eckerson, I am a daughter, sister, mother, wife and I am PMDD! If that is not clear enough for you what ‘Period Rage’ really is let me show you the Face of ‘Period Rage.’ That’s me right there, and you see that wonderful man next to me, that’s my husband, and He never runs from me, not even on my ‘Period Rage, ‘ and sometimes I am a real witch to him.

That’s me right there, and you see that wonderful man next to me, that’s my husband!  He never runs from me, not even on my ‘Period Rage’, and sometimes I am a real Bitch to him. But he took the time to learn what ‘Period Rage’ is and loves, me, accepts me, and fights for me when people like all of you belittle me.

But if an everyday woman Still not enough of a clear vision on  ‘Period Rage’ Let me give you another example. An example of a Face, some of your viewers, may recall,  Gia Allemand! Who is this beautiful soul, human, daughter, woman, she was also ‘Period Rage’! Is that clear enough for you, I mean she was on television like you, Can’t remember here is the article oh and her Face!

By the Numbers

Let me put it into perspective since you are medical professionals after all and empirical data is your jam.

If your show, The Doctors, has an audience in attendance of 300 women, and PMDD (‘Period Rage’) happens to approximately 5-10% of women. That means that between 15-30 women in your audience have PMDD. Additionally, out of those 15-30 women, 15% percent of them will attempt and possibly succeed at committing suicide.

Now since that, a guy should date them a few cycles to determine if they have ‘Period Rage’ before committing to a relationship.  You have just provided that 2-4 an example of their unworthiness. SO, While all three of you are concerned for your safety because dating a woman with ‘Period Rage’ could lead to her “committing murder.”

Now I am not saying your comment caused someone to commit suicide, but there is a chance that in  your audience approximately 2-4 of  the women  attempt to end their suffering from ‘Period Rage.’

But wait, there is more since you want to make sure that we don’t blame our actions on ‘Period Rage.’  Of those women that are still suffering, 13-26  of them will not seek the help they need and deserve. Because God forbid, they speak up about their ‘Period Rage’  and express that their emotional distress is due to their Menstrual Cycle! Then they might be labeled, and who is going to love someone with ‘Period Rage’, right? I mean you said it yourselves, make sure they don’t have ‘Period Rage!’

Your segment did nothing but make a hard illness to diagnose even harder to accept.

 Television Fail!

As a public television show in the business to inform people about possible health issues that might impact their life, YOU FAILED! The Medical Professionals on The Doctors failed to appropriately address and inform women of an illness that can cause them to end their own lives!  This episode was and is a disservice to every single woman on the face of the earth.

The time to speak now about PMDD is NOW! I never expected to have a condition that has no cure, nevertheless one that would alter my whole being! Now I may not be a medical professional, at least not yet, and I may not have a hit Emmy winning show like The Doctors, but I have a voice!

That voice will not sit in silence any longer. I will not let anyone shame my fellow PMDD Sisters or me.

It is my purpose to bringing the awareness PMDD rightfully should have received from Medical Professionals on  The Doctors. Be assured the PMDD community and I will prove to the world and all three of you we are more than ‘Period Rage’.  We are a community that will no longer sit behind closed door ashamed of  PMDD. We will own it, and we will put you to shame!

I will rise, I will stand, I will proclaim, that I am not ‘Period Rage”, but a woman that owns her PMDD and is Proud of It!

To My Lost But Never Forgotten ‘Period Rage’ PMDD SISTER I Say “because of you, I refuse to quit!”

God Makes No Mistakes!

Wilmari Eckerson

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  1. We need to find peace in our own hearts, not out there in the world. A peace that comes from keeping eyes and heart open, doing what one can, and letting go along the way.

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