4 Things I’ve Learned About Direct Sales

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Tupperware, Mary Kay, Avon, and Now Beautycounter 

Who does not recall the days of Tupperware Parties, Avon, and Mary Kay? I’ll tell you who anyone born after 1989… Ok, maybe they know about it but do they understand what Tupperware, Avon, And Mary Kay’s impact were on the way we buy as consumers?

To be honest, I was born in 198something, and I didn’t understand the impact. For the most part, I just saw the consultants as people trying to make a fast buck. A get rich quick scheme, people trying to make money off things I don’t need that cost way to much! Don’t lie I am sure you do or did too!

Till It decided to start my own small business, and now I have realized that it is so much more, here are the 4 Things I’ve Learned About Direct Sales.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Direct Sales

1. They are not ALL Pyramids Schemes:

Yup! That’s right! I know hard to believe but yet so True! The thing is many of us don’t know what a “Pyramid Scheme is.” The phrase “Pyramid Scheme is like an old wive’s tale that has gotten passed down from generation to generation, but no one knows what it is! Well, get ready because I am about to tell you.

According to Investopedia “one of the best-known examples of a pyramid scheme was run by disgraced investor Bernard Madoff, who was arrested in 2008 after losing some $50 billion of his investor’s funds.” Raise your hand if you know about Bernard Madoff?

For it to be a pyramid scheme, there has to be no product just a lot of investing and a lot of recruiting. The “Recruiter” buy into the company with an initial investment of $$$$. Then they tell that person to go out and find ten more people and have them invest in the company for that same $$$$, promising a sizeable return on their initial investment.

But wait what do they invest? Exactly? Nothing, there is no actual product, just a lot of investing!

Most Direct Sales Company have real tangible products; my company has products as well. Just like all the stores and department store in the mall. The only difference is that the product comes straight to you and you have a personal representative to help you along the way. Additionally, many companies provide money back guarantees, even on personal care products that you have used.

Now let’s go deeper into the dynamics of a department store, or a place like Wal-Mart, don’t they have a Multi-Level-Function as well, think about it!

They have customer service representatives, supervisors, managers, district managers, and so on. The only difference is that they all get paid a set salary for their positions, and have to go to work at an actual physical building (which needs to be paid as well.) The one on top is making the most money, they are mostly making millions in some cases, and they have no clue who works below them unless it’s in their central Headquarters.

Other companies may or may not be pyramid schemes, don’t be mistaken, that is why is so important to do your homework. I only use the above examples because they are household names.  Know where you are putting your money and your faith! All I ask is don’t write all of them off as a scam!

2. It’s Empowering 4 Things I've Learned About Direct Sales

Empowerment means the process of becoming stronger and more confident. I am doing that every day I decided to put my self out there and educate people about my company. I do that by taking my fear of rejection head-on, even when over and over I am rejected. I am empowered to change my failures into a personal and financial success through my business.

When I decided to start my business, I was not prepared for the amount of personal growth I was going to experience. The truth is that when I first started, I thought I would jump in and bam I would be the best. That everyone would be on board with my new venture and want to support me. Yeah, I was super wrong!

What happens is that friends and some family start looking at you as another one of those annoying sales-people. It happens rather quickly and without warning. The minute you start talking to them their eyes glaze over, and you are pretty much assured no more invitations out, or phone calls. Which is rather sad and if you are like me, adds to your already massive fear of rejection. But that’s the minute things start to change, the minute you realize that for you to be successful, you have to push past a lot of negativity and a lot of NOs!

That is the moment you become EMPOWERD To Proof Them Wrong !

3. You Build Friendships 

But, don’t fret about the loss of some friendships, because when you join a company like mine, you have a thousand new friends that will ultimately do the opposite. They will love on you, support you, encourage you, and guide you.

When you join Direct Sales, you have entered a club. A club of women (in my case) that want to help you on your journey. They are inspirational themselves, and many have had many years doing this and can provide you with excellent tips and tricks. Most recently I was struggling with my business; I was feeling a little low and rejections kept piling up, I contacted a fellow Direct Sales friend and told her how I felt. It was beautiful; she helped me move past my negative mindset and showed me, my successes. It turned my day around and got me back in the game. 

For a girl like me that struggles with building friendships this is a goldmine. The business becomes more than just financially rewarding, and you can’t say that about many places of employment, especially when everyone wants to reach the top of that “Pyramid.”

4. Helps Fight The Blues

Yup, it does! I suffer from PMDD and for at least ten days out of the month I struggle with the blues. It can be very debilitating when you have no desire to do anything or be around anyone. In some cases, women that suffer from some form of chronic illness can’t work, or may miss many days of work due to their condition. PMDD is no different, some women end up losing their jobs due to their inability to put in the work at an establishment where they are employed.

Having those moments when you work in Direct Sales is a lot more bearable and manageable. Why? Because it is your company, you set the schedule and times that are best for you. Allowing for you to take the time needed to do some self-care to come back swinging. Guilt Free, and without getting Fired!

Also, if you are in the dumps, knowing that you are a business owner and that your company relies on you to be successful will help you beat the blues. Your success is based on your actions, and yours alone, if you want to be making significant strides in your business, I assure you, the blue will not hang around for long.

When you invest your blood, sweat, and tears, it is an incentive that will kick those blues in the butt and out your life.

Now That You Know

Support your friend and family trying to grow a small business. Give your hard earned money to someone who will guide you and support you. That will be helping you with your purchase every step of the way. Not to the Multi-Million Dollar Empires that could care less about you.

Want to Start Your Own Path To Financial Freedom 

I am always looking for motivated individuals that want to start a successful business, to learn more click here!

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